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Enhancing Vehicle Performance with Quality Aftermarket Parts

About Us

CDM Performance is a brand specializing in performance aftermarket parts designed to enhance vehicle performance and offer personalized customization options. Founded in China by enthusiasts seeking optimal vehicle control, CDM Performance emerged due to the lack of suitable parts in the market. The brand’s core value is to make professional performance parts accessible to all car enthusiasts.

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As a CEO, I envision a future where our brand continues to lead the way in delivering exceptional performance aftermarket parts to car enthusiasts worldwide. Let us strive for excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction as we push the boundaries of vehicle performance customization. Together, we can elevate driving experiences and inspire a community of passionate automotive enthusiasts. Drive on, and let us be your partner in achieving new heights of performance and personalization.

To lead the automotive industry with top-tier performance products and inspire a new generation of enthusiasts.
Alex Zhang.
Founder & CEO
Meta Racing TypeR FL5 Turbo Kit 2
Our Own Brand

Meta Racing

Meta Racing is our own brand dedicated to providing high-performance car parts. Our journey began with a group of passionate car enthusiasts, who shared a love for enhancing vehicle performance and creating unique aesthetics. Fueled by our pursuit of perfection, we customized parts to meet our utmost demands for performance in our own vehicles. As we encountered others facing similar challenges, we established Meta Racing to offer exceptional parts and services to fellow enthusiasts who share our passion.

Our New Brand

CDM Performance

Our newest brand, aims to assist those with specific requirements for vehicle performance. We understand that every car owner has unique expectations, and CDM Performance is committed to developing and improving our product lines to cater to a wider range of needs. Whether you seek upgrades for track performance or enhancements for a more enjoyable driving experience, CDM Performance is here to help.

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