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How to Upgrade the Turbo for Civic Type R FL5

Honda has already established that the new-generation Civic Type R FL5 is more powerful than its FK8 predecessor. The turbocharged 2.0-liter K20C1 inline-four is carried over to the new version. But this is still not enough for those of us who love modification, so we plan to upgrade the Turbo to achieve better performance.

We are thinking about how to increase the horsepower of FK8/FL5 to a new level. With the original displacement and original engine block, the target is to increase the engine horsepower to 500+ or 390+ on wheels.

The FK8 /FL5 is stock with 1059cc direct injection nozzles. According to our past experience, this size nozzle can support more than 600 horsepower after adjusting the high-pressure oil pump. This means that the injectors are perfectly adequate. K20C1 engine block, piston connecting rods provide enough strength to get to 600 horsepower. Then there is the following modification program:

  • Replace the high-pressure oil pump with one with higher pressure;
  • Replace with a larger and efficient turbo kit;

  • Replacement of exhaust Downpipe

  • Replacement of larger size intercooler

  • Increasing engine oil cooling

Turbo and exhaust installation

After removing the stock turbo, intake tube, and header section. The Garrett G25-660 turbo was installed first. First the custom stainless steel turbo exhaust adapter was installed. This allows for a direct connection from the engine exhaust port to the Turbo’s Turbine Inducer.

Exhaust Down Pipe installed

Installed the inlet, outlet, fuel inlet, and fuel outlet hoses for the turbo.

In order to use the stock E-Wastegate on the G25 turbo, a new bracket is required to mount the stock electronic E-Wastegate, and due to the change in location of the E-Wastegatee, an extension cable for the electronic Wastegate is also required.

Intake Pipe Installation


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