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Meta Racing’s Upgrade Shift Fork Magnet

Rebuild the Shift Fork Issues in the Mitsubishi EVO X.


In 2008, Mitsubishi unveiled the Evolution X, the final iteration of its renowned Evolution brand. The Lancer Evolution X introduced a 6-speed semi-automatic SST transmission as an optional feature. The Getrag transmission used in the Evolution X is a complex engineering marvel that, in our opinion, necessitates more frequent maintenance than recommended by Mitsubishi. Among the most common issues faced by Evolution X owners are related to the repair and upgrade of these units. Shift Fork failure is among the most prevalent issues, often indicated by fault codes such as P1833, P1879, P1827, P1877, and more. These failures arise due to the installation of a plastic Shift Fork Magnet by Mitsubishi in the EVO X transmission, which is prone to damage during spirited driving.

A Permanent Solution:  Meta Racing’s Upgrade Shift Fork Magnet:
EVO X Magnet Shift Fork
EVO X Magnet Shift Fork

To tackle this problem effectively, Meta Racing has developed an all-aluminum alloy Shift Fork Magnet that can be directly installed onto the stock Shift Fork. However, it is critical to adhere strictly to the adjustment parameters provided by Meta Racing during installation.

Designed specifically for the Evo X SST dual-clutch transmission, Meta Racing’s Shift Fork Magnet replaces the plastic magnet holder on the center selector fork arm. This upgraded version offers more power and extreme precision, delivering a permanent repair and upgrade solution. Crafted from aluminum billet, the magnet features an anodized surface treatment, providing enhanced resistance to high temperatures. It fundamentally addresses the issue of loose or detached shift fork magnets in the TC-SST 6DCT470 transmissions.

Improved Durability and Performance:

By replacing the plastic shift fork magnet holder with Meta Racing’s SST shift fork magnet, Evo X owners can enjoy improved durability and performance. The aluminum construction ensures a stronger and more reliable magnet retention system, preventing the common issue of magnets becoming dislodged or detached. This upgrade provides peace of mind and eliminates the need for repetitive repairs, allowing Evo X enthusiasts to fully indulge in the vehicle’s performance capabilities.

Installation Considerations: Please Refercer here:  How to install Meta Racing Upgrade Shift Fork Magnet
evo x sst shift fork magnet install -8
evo x sst shift fork magnet install -8

When installing Meta Racing’s SST Shift Fork Magnet, it is crucial to carefully follow the adjustment parameters provided by Meta Racing. Adhering to these guidelines ensures optimal performance, magnet alignment, and longevity. Seeking professional assistance or guidance from experienced mechanics familiar with the Evo X SST transmissions is advised to achieve proper installation and operation.


The Mitsubishi Evo X’s shift fork issues have been a consistent problem for many owners, often leading to fault codes and disruption of performance. Thankfully, Meta Racing’s Aluminum Shift Fork Magnet offers a permanent solution to this annoyance by replacing the original plastic magnet holder. With its durable aluminum construction, precise design, and anodized surface treatment, this upgrade ensures the shift fork magnets stay securely in place during all driving conditions, resolving a weakness in the Evo X’s transmission system. Trust Meta Racing to provide the lasting solution your Evolution X deserves, allowing you to enjoy the vehicle’s performance without the worry of shifting issues.

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