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  • Sale! EVO X Magnet Shift Fork

    Evo X Shift Fork Magnet

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    Meta Racing’s Evo X Shift Fork Magnet is designed for the Evo X SST dual-clutch transmission. It replaces the plastic magnet bracket on the center gear selector fork arm. It is stronger and incredibly precise, designed to give you a permanent repair upgrade. Made from billet aluminium and adopts anodic process in surface, with higher operating temperature resistance magnets. Fundamentally solve the shift fork magnet loose or falling issue of  TC-SST 6DCT470 transmission.
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  • EVO X Mr SST Clutch Upgrade Kits

    EVO X Stage 2 Clutch

    Meta Racing’s EVOX Stage 2 Clutch is designed for the Evo X SST dual-clutch transmission. Compared with the original 4+4 clutch kit, we have applied reinforced steel plates with more wear-resistant friction plates, and it’s adopted 5+5 clutch kit. This kit capable of withstanding loads of 500P on DynoJet.
Upgrade the clutch system of your vehicle can improve its performance, especially in high-performance and modified cars. Here are some factors to consider: Clutch Type: Decide on the type of clutch that best suits your needs. There are different options such as organic, ceramic, and multi-plate clutches. Each type offers varying levels of strength, durability, and drivability. Consider your vehicle's power output, driving style, and any future performance modifications. Clamping Force: It's important to choose a clutch that can handle the increased power and torque of your engine. Higher-performance clutches provide increased clamping force to prevent slipping and handle the additional stress imposed on the drivetrain. Flywheel Upgrade: Upgrading the flywheel along with the clutch can enhance its performance and responsiveness. Lighter flywheels reduce rotating mass, allowing the engine to rev up and down more quickly, resulting in improved throttle response and acceleration. Drivability: Consider how the upgraded clutch will affect the drivability of your vehicle for daily use. Some high-performance clutches may have a stiffer pedal feel and engage more aggressively, which may not be suitable for every driver or traffic conditions. Compatibility: Ensure that the upgraded clutch is compatible with your vehicle's make, model, and transmission system. Make sure to check for any specific requirements or limitations related to your vehicle's setup. Professional Installation: Upgrading the clutch system can be a complex task that requires expertise. It's advisable to have the clutch installed by a professional mechanic with experience in clutch replacements and adjustments. Proper installation ensures optimal performance and prevents potential damage to the drivetrain. Remember, selecting the right clutch upgrade depends on your vehicle's power, driving style, and future modifications. It's essential to consult with professionals or experienced enthusiasts to ensure you choose a clutch system that matches your needs and provides the desired improvements in performance and drivability.