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CDM performance Turbo kit

Turbo Upgrade

Significantly enhance your vehicle’s performance


Intercooler Upgrade

Improving engine ventilation efficiency

CDM Performance Clutch

Clutch Upgrade

Transfer engine power more effectively to the wheels

CDM performance intake upgrade

Intake Upgrade

Increasing airflow and optimizing air-to-fuel mixture

Exhaust Upgrade

Exhaust Upgrade

Make engine exhaust smoother and more powerful

CDM Performance Interior Update

Interior Update

Personalized interior design emotions

Brake Upgrade

Brake Upgrade

More safty, low dust, noise reduction


Styling Change

Alter the overall look of your vehicle’s exterior


How to choose modification parts?

When it comes to selecting car upgrade parts, it’s important to consider your specific goals and preferences. Here are a few factors to consider

Performance Goals:

Determine what aspects of your vehicle’s performance you want to improve. This could include engine power, handling, braking, or aerodynamics. Identify the areas where you want to see enhancements.

Quality and Reliability:

Opt for high-quality parts from reputable brands. Read reviews and seek recommendations from fellow car enthusiasts or professionals for reliable products that have been thoroughly tested and proven.

How to choose modification parts


Ensure that the parts you choose are compatible with your vehicle’s make, model, and year. Check for any specific requirements or limitations that may affect the compatibility of the parts.


Determine your budget for the upgrades and consider the cost versus the value. Keep in mind that investing in quality parts may yield better long-term results, providing durability and optimal performance.

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  • Turbo kit & cooler & intake

    08-15 EVO X Turbo Upgrade Kits


    Meta Racing’s EVO X Turbo Upgrade kits is designed for 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Lancer which models equipped with turbo.

    The EVO X has been discontinued, but he’s still a great car. In the new turbo era, we think he still needs a powerful turbo kits to show off his undying style.
    That’s why we developed Garrett’s G-Series turbo kits for the EVO, with a choice of G25-660,G30-770,G30-900,G35-1050 turbos of different horsepower.
    We recommend the G25-660 as the first choice for street driving. With 1000CC injectors, the engine output can easily reach more than 500hp, and with HIGH CAM, it can easily reach 600hp.
    We use Genuine’s TAIL pressure relief valve for the parts, and for the PIPE part, we use Pipe inside Inert-Gas-Arc-Welding to make sure that the inside of the pipe is fully welded, and then finally polished and smoothed inside of the manifold.

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  • Sale! evo 10 manifold

    Evo X exhaust Manifold

    Original price was: $849.00.Current price is: $749.00.

    Are you still care the Mitsubishi Lancer’s stock 291HP power isn’t enough ?Or want to unleash more power from the original 4B11T engine without heavily modifying? Upgrading to a better manifold is the perfect solution for your Evo X.purchase from our ebay store

  • Sale! EVO X Magnet Shift Fork

    Evo X Shift Fork Magnet

    Original price was: $540.00.Current price is: $460.00.
    Meta Racing’s Evo X Shift Fork Magnet is designed for the Evo X SST dual-clutch transmission. It replaces the plastic magnet bracket on the center gear selector fork arm. It is stronger and incredibly precise, designed to give you a permanent repair upgrade. Made from billet aluminium and adopts anodic process in surface, with higher operating temperature resistance magnets. Fundamentally solve the shift fork magnet loose or falling issue of  TC-SST 6DCT470 transmission.
    purchase from CDM ebay store
  • EVO X Mr SST Clutch Upgrade Kits

    EVO X Stage 2 Clutch

    Meta Racing’s EVOX Stage 2 Clutch is designed for the Evo X SST dual-clutch transmission. Compared with the original 4+4 clutch kit, we have applied reinforced steel plates with more wear-resistant friction plates, and it’s adopted 5+5 clutch kit. This kit capable of withstanding loads of 500P on DynoJet.
  • Sale! Evo X Titanium Air Intake

    Evo X Titanium Air Intake

    Original price was: $799.00.Current price is: $649.00.

    Evo X Titanium Air Intake

  • Sale! Evo X transmission Pan

    Evo X transmission Pan For Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10

    Original price was: $599.00.Current price is: $499.00.
    The CDM Performance Evo X transmission Pan is CNC-machined from a single block of aluminum, effectively eliminating internal air bubbles that may occur during the casting process. It features a wave-like design on the surface, allowing for increased heat dissipation area. Compared to the stock oil pan, our product can store an additional 1.2 liters of engine oil and provides over a 50% increase in heat dissipation efficiency.
    Purchase evo x oil pan
  • Sale! Honda Type-R FL5 Turbo Kit

    Honda Civic Type R FL5/FK8 Turbocharger Kits


    The Meta Racing Honda Type R Turbo Kit is specifically designed for the 2017-2021 Honda Type R FK8 and the 2022 Type R FL5. This kit can increase the engine’s power to 600 horsepower without replacing the engine block and can reach 900 horsepower with a forged engine block. It features titanium alloy intercooler and intake pipes, ideal for both daily street driving and track use. purchase from CDM ebay store

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  • Sale! EVO X Competition Steering Wheel

    Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X Competition Steering Wheel Evolution 10

    Original price was: $1,899.00.Current price is: $1,599.00.

    The CDM Performance Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X steering wheel upgrade includes a top-brand MoMo steering wheel body, multi-function buttons that perfectly match the original connector, a brushed aluminum base, a dry carbon fiber bottom cover, and support for a quick release hub

    purchase from CDM ebay store