Evo X Shift Fork Magnet

Meta Racing’s Evo X Shift Fork Magnet is designed for the Evo X SST dual-clutch transmission. It replaces the plastic magnet bracket on the center gear selector fork arm. It is stronger and incredibly precise, designed to give you a permanent repair upgrade. Made from billet aluminium and adopts anodic process in surface, with higher operating temperature resistance magnets. Fundamentally solve the shift fork magnet loose or falling issue of  TC-SST 6DCT470 transmission.
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Why we designed this Evo X shift fork magnet?

The original shift fork in Mitsubishi Evolution X SST gearbox is a plastic component. With aggressive driving or as the years pass, this plastic part tends to deteriorate, leading to DTC faults in the SST transmission, resulting in the inability to use gears 1-3-5 or 2-4-6. Our upgraded Evo X shift fork magnet, made with full aluminum construction, serves as a perfect replacement for the original plastic component.

Why we sale shift fork by suit?

Mitsubishi Evolution X SST transmission have two shift forks (Fork 2-4 and Fork 3-5) are required for shifting gears. And the plastic components of these two forks are not the same. Meta Racing Evo X shift fork magnet set includes both fork heads—one for Fork 2-4 and the other for Fork 3-5. Solve this problem completely at once and save the cost of repeated disassembly and assembly of the gearbox


Evo X shift fork magnet  suit for 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X MR SST dual-clutch transmission

For typical fault codes, please refer to

P1826: Shift fork position sensor 2 system (Voltage high range out)
P1827: Shift fork position sensor 2 system (Output range out)
P1829: Shift fork position sensor 2 system (Poor performance)
P183D: Shift Fork 2 Malfunction
P1831: Shift fork position sensor 4 system (Voltage low range out)
P1832: Shift fork position sensor 4 system (Voltage high range out)
P1833: Shift fork position sensor 4 system (Output range out)
P1835: Shift fork position sensor 4 system (Poor performance)
P184B: Shift fork 4 malfunction

Packing List:

1, Magnet Shift Fork 2-4-6 Gears  X1 PCS
2, Magnet Shift Fork 1-3-5 Gears  X1 PCS
3, Screw Fixing Glue                      X1 PCS
4, File                                            X1 PCS
5, Fixing screws X4 PCS

Kind tips:

You can purchase our transmission clutch plates and replace them together, which not only saves you labor costs, but also improves the overall performance of the vehicle.


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EVO X Magnet Shift ForkEvo X Shift Fork Magnet
Original price was: $540.00.Current price is: $460.00.

12 in stock